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A search engine for the promotion of social entrepreneurship

With our search engine many4one we want to promote social innovations. Even the poorest of the poor should benefit from the added value and create their own life. Instead of only providing social transfers instead of distributing food or teaching poor farmers how to catch fish, social enterprises like BIGENT gUG, founded by us, are about to change the economy fundamentally.

Because social businesses are not allowed to make commercial sales in Germany for tax reasons, we have established many4one as a commercial sister company - to co-finance social innovations. For this, many4one's advertising efforts go to the BIGENT gUG, but also to other NGOs and start-ups who want to promote the idea of social entrepreneurship.

The decisive factor for this double structure was a study conducted by us on social enterprises in Germany. The most important result: Many social entrepreneurs have set up two partner companies to co-finance their social businesses with commercial activities.

For us this was an inspiration and an incentive to develop the search engine many4one as the first pilot project. The goal: to be able to co-finance social innovations with long-term, well-functioning business concepts.

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Social Enterprise: Towards social innovation

In times of globalization and the related social and environmental changes, many public institutions, welfare state service providers or non-governmental organizations are being challenged to offer viable solutions. Usually the money is missing, but not infrequently also the innovation potential, in order to make the necessary change. This is where social entrepreneurs are coming in. They use creative approaches and methods to develop new models to address social or environmental problems.

Unlike charitable welfare organizations that finance social benefits through donations or government grants, a social entrepreneur aims to change economic structures so that they have a social effect. In addition to the well-established welfare state instruments, which come short of transnational problems or major social upheavals, social entrepreneurs create prototypes for a new social organization through entrepreneurial action.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus as a model

One of the pioneers of the new social entrepreneurs movement, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammed Yunus, has convinced even large world groups like Danone, Adidas or BASF to produce products without their own profit-making intent to help solve social problems. In addition to representatives of a new social entrepreneurs movement, leading representatives of the old-economy are also ready to shape a fundamental paradigm shift to a more social economic order.

A joint venture company of the Danone food company and the Grameen Bank, founded by Yunus, for example, produces a particularly vitamin-rich yogurt in Bangladesh to help combat child malnutrition, but also to create jobs and income.

The sporting goods manufacturer Adidas has agreed to develop shoes at a price of one euro so that the poor can wear shoes as protection from injuries or diseases. In the fight against malaria, the chemical company BASF, together with Yunus, inaugurated a plant for the production of impregnated mosquito nets as a social enterprise in Bangladesh in 2012.

All these pilot projects have the objective of becoming economically viable in the long term and serving as a model for a new development strategy. We also want to follow this idea and further promote it with our search engine many4one.

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